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 Search Results For HUBBELL 460P9V05 In Connectors, Plugs & Sockets
(1x) Hubbell 460P9V05 Plug 60A 250V 4Pins 44P2258 w/ ACI-P01 and 18ft Cable
(1x) Hubbell 460P9V05 Plug 60A 250V 4Pins 44P2258 w/ ACI-P01 and 18ft Cable Item Condition: Contact Us Auction Shipping Payment Feedback International Buyers Return Policy eBay Store This item was rem ...  More

Hubbell 460P9V05 60 Amp 250 Volt 4 Wire Pin & Sleeve Plug
This Auction is for: (1) Hubbell Pin & Sleeve Plug 460P9V05 60 Amp, 250 Volt, 4 Wire Water Tight USED The Electric Barn has thousands of Electrical Supplies IN STOCK Ready to ship. We have been in ...  More


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